Apply for a Car

If you would like to recommend a vehicle for a deserving Veteran or Active-Duty Military, or their spouse and children under 18 in need, please fill out the form below. We also welcome self-nominations if you are a deserving Veteran or Active-Duty Military, or a spouse with or without children under 18 in need.

Remember to join us Monday thru Friday at 6:45 AM and 8:30 AM on 101.1 The Fox to hear stories of critical needs being met for our Veterans and Active Duty Military.

We are unable to reply to all applicants, but we will contact you for an interview if you are selected as a candidate.

Are you or your family in serious need, but not a member of the military family? We care about you too!

The above form is for the military only. If you are applying as a civilian or first responder, fill out the form below: