Donation FAQS

Q: How is CARS 4 HEROES different from other car donation programs?

A: C4H has a unique mission to repair and award as many donated vehicles as possible to local families in need. Vehicle donations to C4H are processed by C4H staff. Many reputable charities wholesale every vehicle they receive and hire a third-party for-profit business to process their donations. These processing companies may charge up to 70 percent of the vehicle’s selling price in fees.

Q: Is it time consuming or is there a cost to donate to Cars 4 Heroes?

A: No. There is no cost to you, the donating part; in fact, you can take a tax deduction. We advise consulting with your accountant on specifics. We make the donation process quick and easy. Cars are typically picked up within a few days of your submission and approval.

Q: Does Cars 4 Heroes accept any other type of donations?

A: Of course we do, and thank you for asking! You can donate:

Materials- CARS 4 HEROES accepts donations of various goods, materials and services from both businesses and individuals. Contact us about your donation of goods, materials or services here.

Time- CARS 4 HEROES loves volunteers. We can always use another pair of hands with our latest event or giveaway. Volunteer here.

Donate Money- Your charitable gift helps pay for safety inspections, repairs, fuel and other costs associated with preparing a vehicle for a family. Make a financial donation here.

Q: What vehicles are accepted?

A: C4H accepts cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, commercial vehicles, jet skis, snowmobiles, motorhomes, buses and even boats of all ages and conditions.

Q: What if I have a handicap equipped vehicle?

A: We would love your handicap equipped vehicle! We help many families each year that otherwise can not transport members of their family without a vehicle equipped to do so properly.

Q: What if the car I want to donate is not currently drivable? Does my vehicle need to be in perfect running condition?

A: No, Cars 4 Heroes will accept any car, truck, or SUV running or not, and free towing anywhere in the nation is included if necessary.

Q: Can I deduct this donation from my taxes

A: C4H is one of the few car donation programs that can offer a tax deduction of fair market value for vehicles awarded to an individual or family in need.

Q: What locations do you accept automobiles from?

A: We take vehicles anywhere in the continental US, running or not.

Q: Can I donate a high value vehicle, classic or antique car?

A: Your high valued vehicle donation could help us raise money for our program. You can also donate a boat, motorcycle, plane and more!

Q: What do I need to donate my car to CARS 4 HEROES?

A: You must have your certificate of title and the keys. Please note that the registration is NOT the title. If you can’t find the title, ask the vehicle processor at Cars 4 Heroes about how to obtain a duplicate copy from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Q: What do I do with my car’s certificate of title?

A: You need to sign at “Signature of Seller” to transfer ownership. Titles vary by state and if you are unsure, ask the vehicle processor for more details.

Q: What else should I write on the certificate of title?

A: Nothing. We will fill out the rest of our information to ensure correct information and to eliminate any potential for mistakes. Mistakes require a “Letter of Correction” and slow down the processing of your car donation.

Q: Do I need to be there when my car is picked up?

A: No. On the day of pickup, leave the keys under the driver side mat and phone contact must be made before pickup. Our drivers will pick up your car and leave a receipt. Don’t forget to remove your plates and any personal belongings, including garage door openers, CDs, phone chargers and any other items. We cannot ensure that these will be returned if left in the car.

Q: How do I get my car donation started?

A: You can donate your car by clicking here

Q: How does the tax deduction work?

A: When you donate a car you receive a 1098-C form and your deduction depends on what is done with the vehicle. Most charities send the car to the auction and whatever it sells for is your deduction while we are able to give you fair market value. If the car is going to a Veteran in need, which most of our cars do, you get retail value from Kelly Blue Book, NADA, or Edmunds. Print off that sheet and attach it to your 1098-C when you file your taxes. If the car does not run and is scrapped, we value it at $500.00.

Please note: Cars 4 Heroes cannot put a value on the vehicle; ultimately you must do that, and we advise checking with your tax consultant for specific direction.

Cars 4 Heroes will state what it is doing with the vehicle on the 1098 c form.

Q: Does every donated car find a home with a Veteran or Active-Duty Military family?

A: On rare occasion, we find that some vehicles, primarily boats and RVs, are not cost-effective to give away. This will hinder our main goal, which is helping disabled Veterans. We do our absolute best to make the most of every vehicle donated but reserve the right to turn down a vehicle donation for any reason.

Cars 4 Heroes makes every effort to give as many donated vehicles as possible to disadvantaged Veterans. However, not all donated vehicles received are feasible to repair or meet our “mechanically sound and safe” standard. The decision on which vehicles are eligible for re-donation is based upon many factors, including overall condition, age and mileage, reconditioning, repair costs and location.

Some donations are sold or scrapped for parts for cash. Cars 4 Heroes appreciates each and every donation, as the money raised from these efforts is fully directed to the repair other vehicles that will be distributed to less fortunate individuals.

Remember, you have any more questions about the deduction, talk to your tax professional. Below are a few resource links of reference for your convenience.

How to Value Your Donation

Credit Reporting Agencies

Equifax – (1-800-685-1111)

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