Cars 4 Heroes: Christmas Drive

Life is not always predictable. Every day people unexpectedly get sick, lose their job, or have their car break down on them. This happens to everyday heroes, not just our Veterans and First Responders. As such, our founder, Terry Franz, expanded our efforts at Cars 4 Heroes during the holiday season for all people in need.

Every holiday season, we give vehicles to families and people in need, including Veterans, Active Military, First Responders and everyday people. Whether it is a wheelchair-accessible van or a simple car to get from one place to the next, Cars 4 Christmas is our seasonal promotion to help.

And because it’s the holiday, we try to add a little TLC to the vehicle – filling them with a Christmas ham, cleaning products, gas cards, toys for children, power wheelchairs for veterans and care packages.

Tune in to our YouTube channel every weekday from December 4 – December 20 to hear stories of critical needs being met for our Cars 4 Hero: Christmas Drive recipients. Do you want to help others this holiday season? We can always use more vehicle donations and cash donations for repairs to vehicles.

2023 Christmas Car Giveaway Events

Topeka – December 18

Columbia – December 19

Kansas City – December 20

Wichita – December 20

More info about our Christmas events and stories of those selected will air on these stations:

Tune in to hear Veteran stories and daily recipient announcements starting December 4 on all stations and our podcast!

We are unable to reply to all applicants, but we will contact you for an interview if you are selected as a candidate.

Are you or your family in serious need, but not a member of the military family? We care about you too!

The above form is for the military only. If you are applying as a civilian or first responder, fill out the form below: